Committed to Quality, Service and Selection

At Valu-Bilt, we are proud of our sixty-five year heritage and appreciate the opportunity to serve you today and in the years to come.


We continue to refine the replacement tractor parts industry through technology. By obtaining the finest cleaning system in the United States, Valu-Bilt has been able to significantly improve the quality of each rebuilt tractor part. This enhanced quality


has translated into better and longer lasting parts for Valu-Bilt customers. To meet the need for older, outdated parts, we began supplying new parts to replace those hard to find items. Valu-Bilt has been a leader in this area, allowing farmers to continue using older tractors for a fraction of what buying a new one would cost.

Valu-Bilt continues to address the changing assortment of parts by constantly adding to our extensive inventory of non-original manufactured tractor parts, serving virtually every make and model of American tractor owned and operated by farmers worldwide.

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